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Interface Card Seen then Not Seen

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(MXO2 Mini)

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:14 am    Post subject: Interface Card Seen then Not Seen Reply with quote


I am running A Macpro with Avid v 5.5.2, Mac OS 10.6.7 and Matrox

I had a crash in avid with a bus error and now my PCI interface card is working intermittently.
At first it isn't recognized by system profiler. If I unplug the interface cable from the card and restart, sometimes it shows up and sometimes it doesn't.

My last step was to reseat the card and restart. The card was recognized so I shut down, hooked the mini back up and reinstalled the driver (I had uninstalled previously,) unplug the power to the mini for 30 seconds then restart. When I restarted the card was not recognized again.

Is this a bad interface card?

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2012 1:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Matrox PCI interface card is NEVER detected by your OSX. It is the MXO2 device that actually gets detected. The PCI card just as a connection for the MXO2 box to the system (think of it as an extension of the host cable). So if you are having MXO2 detection problems, please go through this complete checklist. Then let me know if your detection is more consistent. Remember to verify that the PCI card and host cable is fully secured since any loose connections can cause your detection to become inconsistent.

MXO2 Hardware Connection Checklist:

Note: The word 'System' in this document refers to either PC or MAC.

1. Power off both the System and MXO2. Disconnect all cables currently connected to the MXO2.

2. For desktop systems:

Disconnect the PCI host cable connected to the Matrox PCI adapter. Then re-seat the Matrox PCI-express card in the System or switch PCI slots (if another slot is available). Verify that the card is fully seated & secured using a screw or the case retention mechanism.

For laptop systems:

Remove PCI express/34 card from the System then disconnect the PCI host cable.

3. Inspect the host cable connectors for broken pins. If there are any bent pins, please contact Matrox Technical Support.

4. If there is no apparent defect then re-connect it in the proper orientation but swap the ends (the connector that was currently connected to the System should now go connected to the MXO2, and vice versa for the other connector).

The host cable connector is directional and must be inserted in the proper orientation. A visual inspection of the orientation is required.

If your host cable connector-ends are labeled with the letters 'A' on one side and 'B' on the other, then the 'B' side should face upwards when connecting on the MXO2 box (with the MXO2 laying flat and positioned right side up). On the system side, you need to visually check the proper orientation as desktop systems will vary (the mainboard may be mounted on the left or right side of a tower enclosure, affecting the orientation of the PCI adapter). Therefore, since not all systems are alike, it is best to check the orientation visually. You will notice that both the host cable connectors and the connectors on the PCI adapter/MXO2 box have one side that is wider than the other. These sides must line up. Although the difference is subtle, it is crucial that the cable be connected properly.

Tip: Just before inserting the host cable connector, you can pull back on the retention screw arms. This is to ensure that the screws do not inhibit the connector from being inserted fully.

5. Once inserted, tighten the host cable connector retention screws.

6. If you are on a laptop system, you can now re-insert the Matrox PCI express/34 card in the System.

7. Re-connect A/C power to the MXO2 (maybe try a different wall socket/power bar/outlet).

8. Power on the System. Verify that the Blue or Red LED is ON. The LED should turn on a few seconds after the System is powered.

9. Follow the steps for your specific system platform.

MAC Platform Notes

For MAC systems with PCI connectivity:
Go to System Profiler and click on Hardware -> PCI Cards.
Verify the list of cards. If detected, the MXO2 should be listed as a card of type 'other multimedia'.
If it is present, then proceed to download and install the Matrox driver.

For MAC systems with Thunderbolt connectivity:
Go to System Profiler -> Hardware -> Thunderbolt.
Verify the list of devices. If detected, the MXO2 should appear as 'T/ADP' device.

For either system type, if the appropriate device is listed in System Profiler, then proceed to download and install the appropriate Matrox driver for your system. If it is not present, then please contact Matrox Technical Support.

PC Platform Notes

For PC systems, open Device Manager and verify the presence of a 'Matrox Audio/Video devices' group (with no conflicts). If the group is not present or contains even one conflicting device, contact Matrox Technical Support.

If there are no issues with the Matrox list in Device Manager, then open the Matrox application as follows:
- Right-Click on the 'M' icon in the system tray
- Click on Open
- Click the drop-down menu at the top and select 'Hardware'.

If the hardware information window contains text such as the serial number and production date, then the MXO2 is properly detected by your system. If the information window is empty, then please contact Matrox Technical Support.

General Notes:

1. For both PC and MAC platforms, verify that your system is updated and meets the minimum hardware and software specifications listed in the MXO2 user guide. For MAC systems, run a MAC Software Update and apply any EFI Firmware Updates that may be listed after the system scan of available updates.

2. For MAC systems with Thunderbolt:

First, please check your system specs to make absolutely sure that your MAC system does indeed have Thunderbolt support. Also, if it is supported, you should see a lightning logo near the Thunderbolt/Display port connector on your MAC. If this logo is not printed, then your system likely does not have Thunderbolt support. Note that the System Report (system profiler) list will still show a Thunderbolt category even if the system does not support it.

In order for the MXO2 to show up as a Thunderbolt device, the MAC will need to go through at least 3 software updates from Apple. When running 'Software Update', there will be firmware updates for Thunderbolt. Apply these then reboot the MAC. Then run a 'Software Update' again and apply any new Thunderbolt/Firmware updates that are available. Reboot again and keep updating the system until there are no more Thunderbolt updates pending. Lastly, install the appropriate Thunderbolt-supported Matrox driver on your system.
Matrox Video Technical Support
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