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Some of these suggestions are a must!

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(MXO2 LE with MAX)

Joined: 04 Jul 2005
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 22, 2010 12:43 pm    Post subject: Some of these suggestions are a must! Reply with quote

It's been years since I last posted anything on a Matrox forum but that's because it's been years since I upgraded my Matrox hardware! Recently put my old RT.X100 to rest and moved up a couple of notches to a brand new MXO2 LE this week! Very Happy

As ever, you guys have produced some top-notch, if a little fussy, hardware and I've been testing it out thoroughly to determine it's full potential. As ever, I have found that the experience is generally great but just one or two options away from being flawless, so I thought I'd put down some of my thoughts here and see if anyone else agrees that these ideas are good ones! They go from being absolute must have's to would be nice.... Smile

- This is a no-brainer: a feature I am loving in CS5 right now and using so often suddenly that I noticed it's omission from a Matrox project straight away, is the ability to drag and drop a clip from the bin to the New Sequence icon to auto-create a sequence with the correct settings. Currently, Premiere has no awareness of the Matrox presets and this MUST BE ADDED! I would suggest the best way to implement this is by bringing up a pop up dialogue providing two options - Create Native Sequence or Create Matrox Sequence - with an optional check box for "always use this option" for those who don't want the extra step always.

- Better support for DSLR footage! I have been testing a number of different formats - HDV, P2, DSLR, ProRes, R3D 4K - and though the first two playback just fine, it seems that the MXO2 struggles a little with the others, especially DSLR. This maybe due to the fact that I was testing a 30fps clip shot on the 5DMkII and there is no native Matrox preset for this frame-rate and I am pretty sure it is not a system issue as these clips playback fine (albeit only at 1/2 res) on Adobe native sequences (note: playback still does not feel optimal when playback is set to 1/2 res on a Matrox sequence). It seems that accommodating a wider range of presets needs to be seriously considered.

- General performance improvement when scrubbing a timeline. I've been using PPR CS5 since May on numerous projects on my off-the-shelf little HP laptop with brilliantly solid performance whilst scrubbing through ANY type of media I have thrown at it! Scrubbing is incredibly smooth even with R3D 4K files that have multiple colour correction effects applied to them (Note: I have applied the well documented GPU hack to enable CUDA acceleration with my 1GB Nvidia chip). When I scrub through any type of HD+ clip - DSLR, P2, R3D - the performance is noticeably jerkier. Also, I have noticed system memory consumption seems higher and the cpu is working harder than vanilla Premiere projects, which is odd and a little worrying as I assumed the MAX RT technology would take some load off the system rather than "max" it out! *ahem* Razz I know there is a big 5.0 update around the corner - I just hope there is a big performance boost with better memory management coming along with it...? Wink

- Better monitor output support in Adobe Encore. I remember being able to output a "live" preview of Encore's monitor preview window to a monitor using my old RT.X100. This always really helped when I was designing a menu as I could see exactly where buttons and graphics were being placed on screen in realtime. This seems to have disappeared as a feature in the MXO2, leaving only playback output when previewing the DVD. Please find a way to bring back this useful feature you once had!

- Any sort of support for Adobe OnLocation (full support preferred Wink ) I don't need to tell you how brilliant this tool is and I can only imagine how much better it could get if I can take my MXO2 on set with my laptop and OnLocation and have live capture from within that software or even just log and capture using the input connectivity that Matrox provides. Yes, yes, yes I know AV Tools provides this functionality and is about to be enhanced with the addition of live capture in the 5.0 update - that's great! BUT it would be even better if Matrox supported a complete production to post-production workflow using all the tools that ADOBE have have provided.

- More options for masks for colour corrections and other effects. Great that you guys realise the need for masks when using colour corrections but disappointing that you don't realise that squares/rectangles are not always the best shape to be constrained to! Could we please have more options, in particular circles and ellipses with perhaps the options for feathering and creating up to two masks per effect to create different results (better vignettes and gradients, for example). Just a thought...

Ummm, so far that's it! The MXO2 is so well refined otherwise that I can't fault it much more!! Great job guys Smile
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(MXO2 Mini with MAX)

Joined: 04 Jul 2005
Posts: 42

PostPosted: Wed Sep 22, 2010 7:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

WOW! Very well said!
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