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PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 4:43 pm    Post subject: Re: Matrox Mojito Max


Your question is unclear, what are you trying to do?

"I use your card to convert H264 to Matrox"

The MAX function can be used to provide accelerated output FROM the Premiere timeline TO a Matrox MP4 format using Adobe Media Encoder.

When Matrox says "up to 5x faster" that depends on the speed of your computer. If you have an older laptop for example, it can definitely be 5x faster.

As Premiere uses your GPU to speed up exports and you have a fast computer and a fast GPU, you will not see as much benefit from MAX encoding as someone with an older or slower computer would.

I use CS6 on the PC and since there is an issue in Premiere that messes up dissolves/opacity when GPU acceleration is used, I changed Premiere to "Software Only mode" and when I tried to export a 3 minute clip to H.264, it wanted to take about 20 minutes! I then tried again using a Matrox MP4 export preset and it took just a few minutes. So it was much much faster with Matrox in that case.


Jeff Pulera
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 1:38 pm    Post subject: Matrox Mojito Max

Hello, I bought a Matrox Mojito MAX. I have a Sony PMW EX1R camera. I use your card to convert H264 to Matrox. I have TI 780 Asus card, Main Z97 motherboard deluxe, 32 gb of RAM, Intel 4790K. Please provide how long this card should take to convert 10 minutes of HD footage PMW EX1R camera. For me, it takes approx. 8 minutes. And you state, it should take 5 times faster. What is wrong. Regards.

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